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The Sclerotherapy procedure is one of the most effective and popular medical procedures available today to remove reticular and spider veins. At Skintuition Medical Aesthetics, we treat spider veins with Sclerotherapy using Asclera®, to help you get the results you desire and help you look and feel great again! Asclera® is the new gold standard treatment for leg veins. This treatment damages the blood vessel lining, which causes the body to cleanse the vessel.

During the procedure, we inject a solution directly into damaged veins that causes the damaged blood vessels to collapse, and dissolves into the body. That’s it. Now, you can enjoy freedom from pain and freedom from unsightly veins.

While self-care measures may take the edge off, the procedure is generally performed for cosmetic reasons to remove protruding veins in the legs permanently. There are no incisions involved in this safe procedure, which means there is minimal downtime. Sclerotherapy could be the answer you are looking for! Get in touch with Skintuition Medical Aesthetics today to schedule an appointment and get ready to say GOODBYE to those unsightly, embarrassing veins.

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Spider Vein Treatment F.A.Q.s

The procedure of Sclerotherapy is used to eliminate varicose and spider veins.
During Sclerotherapy, a salt solution is injected directly into veins. The blood vessel’s lining becomes irritated and collapses upon exposure to the solution, causing the blood to clot. It eventually turns into scar tissue that fades away over time.
The best candidates for Sclerotherapy tend to have spider veins or small varicose veins in their legs, be between 30-60 years old, not have clotting issues in the past, and not have given birth recently or been pregnant in the past three months.
It can take about three to six weeks for spider veins to disappear and three to four months for larger veins.
It is unlikely that the veins will reappear if the treatment is successful.
After Sclerotherapy, most patients are able to resume their normal daily activities.

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