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As a result of advances in technology, we don’t need to consume vitamins alone to obtain what we need. Like water and medicine, we can inject vitamins.

Vitamin Injectables are intended to bypass the digestion process. The vitamins go directly to the bloodstream rather than being lost to digestive enzymes, taking time to pass through various cells and then finally get into the bloodstream. As a result, this method is considered more efficient and effective. You receive 100% of the vitamins you absorb by injection, rather than ingesting between 10-90% of them.

Taking supplements at home does not provide the same personalized care. Vitamin injections might be the best way to get what people with digestive and absorption issues need. According to lifestyle, health history, and dietary choices, it is beneficial for others as well.

At Skintuition Medical Aesthetics, we offer B12 and Lipo B vitamin injections for patients that want to get maximum benefits from their vitamins. Why mess with pills at home when you can have a licensed professional give you the right amount of vitamins your body needs and get the benefits right away!

Vitamin Injectables | Pocatello, ID USA | Skintuition Medical Aesthetics
Vitamin Injectables | Men | Pocatello, ID USA | Skintuition Medical Aesthetics


Vitamin B-12 is a vital vitamin that your body needs to maintain the health of your blood and nerve cells and your DNA, which is in every cell of your body. In addition to preventing megaloblastic anemia, vitamin B12 also helps to avoid fatigue. A vitamin B12 deficiency can occur when your body does not produce or store enough of the vitamin. If your body is not producing enough B12, you might benefit from getting B12 injections that go right into the bloodstream.Following a vitamin B12 injection, most patients report an immediate increase in energy levels. Your body may need regular injections of B-12, based on what your body is lacking. The risk of toxicity from vitamin B12 is extremely low because it is a water-soluble vitamin.

Benefits of a Vitamin B12

  • Boosted energy levels
  • Helps with weight loss
  • More restful sleep
  • Improved mood and concentration
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Increases fertility
  • No side effects or downtime

Lipo B

A Lipo-B injection contains nutrients essential to your health and the health of your liver, such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. A healthy liver will function better for you. It removes fats and toxins from your body.

Injections of Lipo-B supply your body with the nutrients it needs to maintain an optimal level of energy. Keeping your body’s balance is easy and safe with weight loss injections. It will boost your energy and help you lose weight more quickly.

Lipo-B injections contain vitamins, amino acids, and minerals naturally occurring in the body. Methionine helps make new blood vessels by acting as an antioxidant and amino acid. In addition to treating anxiety and depression, inositol prevents the hardening of arteries. The nutrient choline supports cardiovascular health and energy levels and forms red blood cells; vitamin B12 improves the nervous system and metabolism.

Vitamin Injectables | Pocatello, ID USA | Skintuition Medical Aesthetics

Benefits of a Lipo B

  • Delivers a clean, no-jitter energy boost
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Enhances mood
  • Enhances alertness
  • Energizes your brain
  • Aids in the digestion of food
  • Burns fat by increasing the conversion of carbohydrates into energy
  • Regulates cholesterol levels and gallstones
  • Resets the metabolic process of fats and removes them from the liver
  • Provides essential components for the normal function of cells and the brain
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol and remove toxins
  • Maintains healthy skin tone and nails

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